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Effeleon GmbH is a team of senior experts dedicated to dependability and innovation in the field of flue gas cleaning with expertise in consulting, feasibility study, engineering, component delivery, supervision, commissioning and maintenance.

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DeNOx systems - converting nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water
Environmental Technology

Flue gas cleaning

DeNOx SCR Systems

Selective Catalytic Reduction
The DeNOx SCR unit is used for the reduction of NOx content in the flue gas. The process of DeNOx SCR reduces nitrogen oxides NOx of combustion flue gases into molecular nitrogen N2 and water vapor H2O.
Flue gas cleaning

DeNOx SNCR Systems

Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction
NOx in the combustion flue gases breaks down when it reacts with the reducing agent NH3 without the presence of the catalyst to lessen nitrogen oxide emissions.

Product Overview

Comprehensive industrial flue gas cleaning through the aid of a catalyst in a selective catalytic reduction or lessen nitrogen oxide emissions in a selective non-catalytic reduction. Delivery includes catalysts, injection systems, reagent storage and preparation, programming / visualization, piping materials and storage tanks.

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Flue gas cleaning

Converting nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water with selective catalytic reduction as well as selective non-catalytic reduction with optimal performance by reacting ammonia with NOx in the combustion flue gases.
  • DeNOx SCR systems
  • DeNOx SNCR systems
  • DeSOx systems
  • Mercury oxidation SCR
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Planning, management and delivery of every aspect of the project development from the first concepts to the finished system.
  • Basic engineering
  • Detail engineering
  • Heat recovery
  • Process optimization
  • CFD studies
  • Control systems
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Delivery of the ammonia injection grid, reagent preparation and aqueous ammonia storage, administration and support in all stages including establishment, oversight and upkeep.
  • Supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up assistance
  • Energy conservation
  • Maintenance
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